150 River Rd, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Pastor Dean Brown has moved on to a role in the NJ Synod as an assistant to the Bishop. Thank you for your 17 years of service to this congregation.

Pastor John Mack has joined us as interim pastor. His first Sunday was Nov 17. More details to follow in this space soon. Welcome, Pastor Mack!!

Pastor Brown's old welcome message follows...

Hi! How are you?!

I'm so glad you've found this church and are looking over its webpage. Let me tell you a little bit about Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and a little bit about me (people always seem to want to know about the pastor).

I remember standing in the pulpit (the place where the readings and sermons are shared) when I was meeting members of the congregation to discern if there was a call between us (i.e., figuring out if there was a fit between 'me' as pastor and 'them' as congregation). As I stood in the pulpit, and by the altar, I thought about the job that I had loved, was successful at and left... about the five years I spent studying at two seminaries: Princeton Theological Seminary where I earned an M.Div. and Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia where I earned a second master, STM. I thought about the summer I spent being a chaplain in a hospital and hospice program through which I was awarded a credit for Clinical Pastoral Education (affectionately known as 'CPE')... about the two years I served as an intern at a large Lutheran Congregation in New Jersey... about the church I grew up in and the interviews and screenings all candidates within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are required to undergo... all the incredible people who had witnessed sacrifice, love, compassion, understanding, hard work, faith, endurance, humor, forgiveness (not least of which, my parents). And then I thought, '...this is all the church I have dreamed being a part of!' When and if you come here, I trust you will feel the same.

Holy Trinity is a beautiful church and congregation. Not ostentatious. In many ways understated. That is true of the church physically, and, it is true of the people, mission and ministry shared here.

Not only is the sanctuary beautiful, the fellowship hall neat/efficient and the location convenient, the worship life of the congregation is marvelous. By 'worship life' I mean not only our Sunday morning gatherings or Wednesday Night Evening Prayer services. I mean how people here live out their baptism. This church does this in so many ways: from liturgical worship that is lively, contemporary, informal, inclusive of children to potluck meals, game nights, July 3rd Hot Dog give-away (HT has a great location for catching Red Bank's fireworks), annual theme based suppers (this year it was 'Nordic Nights'); from 1st Communion Instruction, children's education, adult learning opportunities, confirmation instruction to garage sales, property days and 'beginning of the church year' rally days; from emergency offerings collected that are shared throughout the world to food items collected and distributed locally; from...to...it goes on and on. In other words, it seems to me that Holy Trinity is a place where we all grow in faith that grounds, heals and inspires us to be healing agents within, to and among God's creation.

So -in the words of one of the gospel writers- 'Come and see!' And when you do, I hope you discover Holy Trinity to be all the church you have been looking for as well.

God's grace and peace be with you,

Pastor Dean (or just plain 'Dean')

photo credit: light-in-the-darkness, cropped, via photopin (license)