150 River Rd, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Christian Education - Dawn Cheek
We provide an educational experience that will allow both children and adults to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ through study of the bible and doctrines of the Lutheran Church.

Evangelism - Cynthia Kazmac
Our congregation reaches within ourselves and out to others so that we may all grow deeper and wider in our understanding of being a disciple and doing God's work.

Property - Russ Gordon
The property committee maintain the three church properties: Church building, Parish House and Parsonage. This includes all mechanical, electrical, and fire monitoring systems.

Stewardship - Chris Foard
Stewardship supports the members of the congregation in their efforts to give of their time, talent and wealth to the ministry of the church. Go here to find more about it!

Social Outreach - Ellen Merrit
This program provides members of the congregation with opportunities to labor in God's love, helping meet the needs of our members and our neighbors, locally and around the world. Social Ministry is "Church in Society". Go here to learn more about it!

Youth & Family - Brad Iturralde
"Youth & Family" promotes the spiritual growth of the congregation through the inclusion of youth and families in the mission of the church.

Music & Worship - Charlie Rugg
Music is central to our worship at Holy Trinity. Our music supports our liturgies by adding another dimension to the spoken word and scripture we read and study each week. Go here for more information!

Endowment - Mark Csernica
This ministry manages HTLC endowment donations and funds. These funds are used to support the various HTLC missions and major HTLC capital expenditures and improvements. Go here for more information!

photo credit: light-in-the-darkness, cropped, via photopin (license)