Council is being well supported by the Bishop’s office.  Plans are underway to ensure continued Service of Word and Sacrament, Christian Education (especially confirmation instruction), and pastoral care.  Dan Grillon, Council President, will continue to provide communication as details develop.


Thursday Quilting: The Thursday Quilting group has begun!  Please contact Joanne Giordano with any questions.  We are looking forward to another productive year! 


Garage Sale News:

We appreciate your help: the WELCA Garage Sale is still months away but items may come up that you wish to drop off at the church now as you have in the past. We ask, however, that you hang on to your items until September 29 at the earliest, if that is at all possible considering your own personal storage space.  


Church Directory The new church directory is out!  Copies are available at both church entrances and extras are located in the church office (Hours M-Th 9am-2pm)


School Kit Collection: WELCA is again making collection on the “School Kit” project sponsored by Lutheran World Relief .  Let us take advantage of the “Back to School Sales” to fill up those beautiful backpacks made by out quilters.  Each school kit includes the following items:

        4   70 sheets notebooks

        1   30 centimeter ruler or a ruler with centimeters on one side and   

              inches on the other

        1   pencil sharpener

        1   pair of blunt safety scissors

        5   unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers

        5   black or blue ballpoint pens

        1  box of 24 crayons

        1  2 1/2 inches eraser

Contribution of any item is appreciated. Please drop off items in the WELCA collection container by the church entrances. Contribution will be accepted until end of September. Cash contribution is always welcomed.  It costs LWR about $1.40 per School Kit to deliver it overseas. Cash donation will be used to complete the kits and make a donation to LWR Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund. Please address the check to HTELC and designate your contribution to “WELCA School Kits Collection”.  Thank you.



Attention blood drive volunteers!  You are now able to set up a specific time to donate on September 7!  The drive will take place between 8 am and 2 pm. To schedule an appointment, log on to the website (  When you do, enter the sponsor code (70422) and a time frame that includes September 7th.  You should then see Holy Trinity’s drive listed, and you can click on Scheduling.  Enter your requested information.  Be the first to get your preferred time!    

 Please contact me with any questions – 732.747.3267 (home), 732.245.0249 (cell) or

And thank you!

Molly Foard